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We offer top quality mechanical services to guarantee the optimal functioning of your vehicle. Our team of highly trained and experienced mechanics is responsible for accurate diagnoses, efficient repairs and comprehensive maintenance, giving you confidence and peace of mind in each service.

Comprehensive engine repair

In our workshop in the Polígono de San Cristóbal in Valladolid, we carry out a comprehensive engine repair to return your vehicle to its maximum performance. Our team of mechanical experts is responsible for diagnosing and solving any problem, from internal component repairs to adjustments and tuning, ensuring optimum and long-lasting engine operation.


We have specialized service in cylinder heads for your engine. Our team of technicians is responsible for the repair, reconstruction and replacement of cylinder heads, guaranteeing exceptional and long-lasting engine performance. Trust our experience and quality


Our experts offer you comprehensive solutions for your tires, providing safety and performance on every trip. With a wide selection of brands and models, we advise you to choose the right tires for your needs, guaranteeing optimal and long-lasting grip in any driving circumstance.


At Talleres Carmelo we have a team of professionals specialized in engine distribution, ensuring precise and efficient operation. We carry out inspections, adjustments and replacements of components, guaranteeing a perfect synchronization between the key parts of the engine.

Water pumps and radiators

Our services cover the maintenance and repair of water pumps and radiators, essential elements for the cooling system of your vehicle. We have specialists who ensure the best performance and adequate engine temperature, prolonging the useful life and efficiency of your vehicle.


We take care of providing complete solutions for the clutches of your vehicle. We perform accurate diagnostics and offer repair and replacement services, ensuring smooth and efficient performance with every gear change. Your safety behind the wheel is our top priority.


We apply complete solutions to keep your vehicle moving. We make accurate diagnoses and offer repair and replacement services for transmission components, ensuring the best performance of your vehicle. At Talleres Carmelo your driving is in expert hands.


We provide complete solutions to repair and maintain the steering system in perfect condition. We carry out precise diagnoses, repairs and component replacements, guaranteeing precise and safe control of your vehicle on each journey. We focus on providing you with a safe driving experience.

Suspension and damping

We maintain stability and comfort when you travel. We carry out rigorous analysis, adjustments and changes to ensure flawless operation of your suspension system and a smooth and safe ride at all times.


We provide a complete brake repair and maintenance service for your vehicle. Our team of experts performs precise diagnoses, replacement of pads, discs and brake fluid, guaranteeing an efficient and safe braking system. Trust us to keep your brakes in perfect condition.

Exhaust pipes

We offer exhaust pipe replacement and repair services for your vehicle. Our team of specialists is responsible for diagnosing and solving problems, making repairs or replacements as necessary. We guarantee an efficient, safe exhaust and in compliance with regulations. Trust our extensive experience in exhaust systems.

Reception and evaluation:
C/ Titanio 34

Mechanical workshop:
C/Titanio 29
Polígono de San Cristóbal

983 203 324 . 662 600 215
Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00