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We carry out the diagnosis and resolution of electrical problems in your vehicle. From lighting systems to electronic troubleshooting, we offer comprehensive services to ensure proper function of your car’s electrical components.

Electrical injection laboratory

In our specialized electrical injection laboratory, we have highly trained teams and technicians to diagnose and solve problems related to your vehicle’s injection system. We perform extensive testing, adjustments, and component replacements to ensure efficient operation.

Diagnostic and electrical repair station

At Talleres Carmelo we have a center specialized in electrical diagnosis and repair, with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel to detect and solve any problem in your vehicle’s electrical system.


We offer a wide range of services related to vehicle alternators. Our team of professionals specialized in charging systems repairs and replaces alternators, ensuring a stable and efficient power supply. You can trust our experience, we provide quality and long-lasting results.

Starter motors

In our center we are specialized in the care and maintenance of vehicle starter motors. Our team of experts is responsible for accurate diagnosis, repair and replacement of starter motors, ensuring a reliable and efficient start every time. Trust our experience to keep your vehicle in optimal starting conditions.

Air Conditioning: diagnosis and charging

Vehicle air conditioning diagnosis and charging service. Our team of experts in HVAC systems performs accurate diagnoses, identifying potential leaks or malfunctions, and recharges the system with the proper refrigerant to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning.


Change and maintenance of vehicle batteries. We replace the old battery with a new, high-quality one, guaranteeing optimal starting and performance. In addition, we offer maintenance services, such as cleaning the terminals and checking the charging system, to ensure the longevity of your battery.

Electric windows and central locking

At Talleres Carmelo in the Polígono de San Cristóbal, we offer revision and repair services for electric windows and central locking for vehicles. We are experts in window systems and centralized locks. Trust us to maintain the comfort and safety in driving your vehicle.

Headlights and taillights

We carry out specialized services in the repair and replacement of headlights and pilot lights for vehicles. We diagnose and solve problems, and we replace damaged headlights and taillights, guaranteeing adequate lighting and an impeccable aesthetic appearance. Talleres Carmelo, your trusted workshop in Valladolid, keeps your vehicle safe and with a renewed appearance.

Reception and evaluation:
C/ Titanio 34

Mechanical workshop:
C/Titanio 29
Polígono de San Cristóbal

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