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Insurance service

Insurance service

We work in collaboration with insurance companies to give you the peace of mind and protection you need. Trust us to solve any problem with your vehicle and facilitate insurance procedures efficiently.

Claim management

We take care of facilitating and expediting the entire claim and repair process after an accident, working closely with insurance companies. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free experience, ensuring a quality repair and complete satisfaction.

Photoexperience and videoexperience

We have photo-expert and video-expert services to expedite the process of vehicle evaluation and appraisal. Using advanced technology, we capture detailed images and video of the damage, allowing an accurate assessment without the need to travel.


In our workshop, we offer advisory services on insurance and vehicle expertise. Our team of experts will provide you with guidance and support throughout the claim process, assisting you in dealing with the insurance company and providing you with a precise expert opinion. Trust us to obtain a comprehensive and satisfactory service in handling your insurance and appraisal in the workshop.

Reception and evaluation:
C/ Titanio 34

Mechanical workshop:
C/Titanio 29
Polígono de San Cristóbal

983 203 324 . 662 600 215
Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00